US: Film Review 2019

‘Jordan Peele has set such a high bar of standard in film making.’

Upon viewing the first trailer to this highly anticipated movie. Also after watching Get Out, I was super excited for this movie. I basically counted down the days till release date. I was beyond excited.

I have watched the movie in question twice. And I was not disappointed, emphasis on the not. Jordan Peele has done what he does best, playing on social and racial norms. After viewing US, I came out excited and intrigued on what Jordan Peele’s third film could be. I can’t fault the casting, to be fair I can’t find anything to fault about this movie.

It explores trauma, charity, alternate lives, shadows, mind and class. It’s not a conventional horror film, but it is creepy with a hint of humour. I really do recommend seeing this movie.

Let me know if you’re enjoying my short movie reviews, ‘ll continue to do them.


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