Blissful Nights 😴

Bedtime Bliss UK approached me to trail one of their products. Which I was super excited to do. They sent me out their bedtime bliss eye mask to trail. Now I’ve had a lot of unsuccessful past eye mask adventures in the past, so much so I had lost all faith in them, to the point where I stopped buying.

I trailed this mask for 7 nights, once it arrived. It came in the cutest, daintiest packaging, which I wasn’t expecting. Simple but straight to the point. The mask is made from foam, and has an ergonomic design, designed to fit comfortably on the face, with an elastic band to keep it fastened around the back of your head. This helps keep the eye mask in place, for sleepers who move around in their sleep.

Their black out quality also is helpful. Especially for those individuals who have partners who wake up earlier then them, and just throw the bedroom light on. Wearing this eye mask there is no interruptions with light, to your sleep. My week I spent using this product, was the best week’s sleep, I’ve ever had.

I recommend this item so much, I’ll include the link here, so you guys can see the product for yourself. It’s a reasonable price, but in my opinion it’s worth it. Let me know your thoughts.


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