A long term relationship is…

What a long term relationship is, from my point of view. Please remember this is my opinion. I’m sure may of you are in a perfect long term relationship, or still in that honeymoon phase. The honeymoon phase does not last.

I guess the perfect long term relationship does exist, and these would be the right ones to be in. The ones that last. I guess by that definition, a negative long term one, is the wrong relationship to be in. The question is; is one person strong enough to realise the difference? Or to make the right decision for their own happiness.

A long term relationship is:

  • No public displays of affection; including hand holding, kissing, hugging.
  • Going to sleep alone every night.
  • Not cuddling in bed, because it’s so difficult to try and fall asleep with a face full of screen.
  • A bare minimum intimate life; once a month at least, only time there’s any kissing.
  • Absolutely no help, home making, chores, raising a child, without prompting.
  • Spending the whole anniversary dinner, texting everyone else; spending every date like this.
  • Not bothering to arrange any date like activity, because that time is better spent gaming.
  • Not arranging any family time, for the same above reason.
  • Always talking but never booking any holidays, which I can only assume is for the same reason.
  • Spending our entire only holiday we had, our last holiday as a family of two, on his phone.
  • Occasionally crying myself asleep.

Yet, I’m the bad person, because all I do is speak the truth about the actions, I’ve seen all through the years. It’s a really hard thing to accept, wasting so many years. But I did get given a great piece of advice from work; When asked if you love a person, if you have to think about the answer, that is not the person, you’ll end up marrying.

If anything, I hope readers take away the last piece of advice I was given.


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