Escape Room (2019): Film Review

I watched Escape Room last week at my local Vue cinema, with a few old work friends. It was a great chance to catch up, and tick off another movie on my to watch list. This will probably include spoilers, so if you intend to watch the film, please watch the film before reading this review.

The trailer reeled me into this film. The suspense and saw-esque feeling I got from the trailer, hooked me in. For those who don’t know, the Saw films are one of my favourite horror marathons. Another reason why, is because I’m a big fan of Logan Miller’s body of acting work. Such a fan of all the roles he portrays, i.e; The Stanford Prison Experiment, Would You Rather and The Walking Dead. To name a few.

The premise of Escape Room is intriguing. I loved the set up, and the concept. The idea of 5 unlikely characters, brought together, all with a vague similarity, some selfish, some with fear, one over enthusiastic. Five rooms in total. Though the rooms we’re complicated, and there were no hints, I felt left wanting more from some of the rooms. I found a few a little clichΓ©, and wished there was more jumpy suspense. And a bit more gore, death would of been ideal.

The twist, was a pleasant surprise, didn’t expect that. It even caught me by surprise, by the unexpected love relationship between Zoey and Ben. There’s something kind of heartwarming being brought together by a weird common traumatic experience.

One thing for certain is, there will clearly be a sequel, ad I’m hoping that will come with bigger escape rooms, and a bit more suspense. I also hope it will close off and answer questions left by the first film. I also sincerely hope this sequel is the last. I find films that drag them selves too thin, across several sequels, lose their integrity.

Let me know your thoughts if you’ve seen this film.


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