Jackson’s cake smash photoshoot 🎂

Still in complete awe and love from my son’s photos back from his recent photoshoot which included a cake smash. It took me months to find the right photographer for this, who was affordable but also fairly local to me.

We used Maisie Rose Photography, who had a lovely home studio based in Somerset. She also included the beautiful cake, which was made from a local bakery. The cake was provided by Lozzie Bakes and Cakes, who is also local.

It took a little while for Jackson to get comfortable which was very out of character, seeings as he is very comfortable in front of the camera and on stage for his pageants.

A very beautiful home studio and shoot decor. Was certainly well prepared, friendly, and professional, all while being considerate to Jackson getting comfortable. I totally recommend her to my readers, for some lovely keepsake images and memories.

My partner and I love his images we got back and was not disappointed. Here is a few of my favourites, including a close up of the beautiful cake. Which tasted delicious!

Below is everyone’s contact details. I do recommend as I said before checking out these ladies, you will not be disappointed.

Maisie Rose Photography

Instagram: maisierosephotography

Facebook: Maisie Rose Photography

Lozzie Bakes and Cakes

Instagram: lozziebakesncakes

Facebook: Lozzie Bakes and Cakes

I hope you enjoyed this, and checked out these girls amazing works.

Let me know in the future what kind of blog posts you’ll like to see more off.


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