Jackson turned 1!!!

It feels just like yesterday when I wrote my birth announcement on here for my son, Jackson. But as quick as this 2018 year has been, it was soon his first birthday (2nd November). As one can imagine I have been pretty emotional all week, can’t believe I’ve survived a year of motherhood.

Jackson has had a jam-packed birthday week.

On his birthday, we spent some time with Nana, we went to the cinema and watched Paw Patrol (his favourite tv show) on the big screen. He was so excited for this. Afterwards we had some dinner out in TGI Fridays, he enjoyed the attention he got, and the staff at TGI’s sang a modified version of their birthday song to him, with some free birthday cake. He also got loads of presents from his daddy and I, as well as a small helium balloon centrepiece. I also bought him a first birthday cake, which was chocolate, and a jungle animal themed. The cake was made by Full of Delight.

A few days after his birthday, on the weekend we threw a birthday party for him, with family and friends in our flat. It was a fun and tiring afternoon for Jackson, but was lovely to see everyone, and he got more presents and cards. His grandparents on his daddy’s side, also ordered another cake for him. A Paw patrol inspired cake by Katie’s Cakes. The flat was decorated with balloons and banners. All of which I’ve only just taken down.

I also arranged for Jackson a little photoshoot and cake smash, so we’d have some special photos to look back on. The cake was made by a local supplier, and was delicious. We had the shoot with Maisie Rose Photography at her home studio. I will make another in depth post about this, sharing the photos separately etc. Here’s I’ll share the behind the scenes shots I took.

He’s also got a meal out tomorrow, with my family as they couldn’t make his birthday party. We’ve reserved a table at the local Beefeater. So there will be great food, good drinks and lovely company. However the last few days after his birthday, he’s started to walk! Double whammy. My big boy is now walking on his own too. He still needs a bit more confidence, but he’s getting there.

Still can’t believe he’s one. Next adventure will be Christmas, now he’s a bit more interactive and engaging. Then onto the next holiday and before we know it, he’s turned 2….


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