Future Blog Goals.

With a lot of focus recently on my blog, building and improving content. I’ve been working hard to hopefully one day make this an income generating job, as I love letting go of my creative flair on this blog. I’m going to spend the next few years, learning, building and growing. Here is a small plan of my goals, I’m looking to achieve. Because of course, they’re not achievable until you’ve written them down!

My first goal, which I feel like is my key goal, is to learn more about online marketing and SEO. I feel like being more educated on this, will help with monitoring and managing engagement on my blog. This is the most important goal in my mind.

I’d also love to work on giving more content, more regularly. Ideally daily, but if not at least weekly. This includes doing more activities in my personal life, to create blog content. More walks, visits and more family activities.

I’ll be building more professional working relationships with brands. Working on my marketing will help me secure brand reviews, which I love to work on. This also helps with my content goal.

I aim to attend more events too. I hope this will create more engaging content, as well as network with fellow bloggers. I plan to work through my social anxiety and build more networking relationships with fellow bloggers.

These are my goals I will be planning to work towards, within the next few years. I hope you will be able to see the growth and improvement in this journey. I will be working hard, it may start off as a slow start. It is nearly my little boys 1st birthday, and I am having a career change, starting a new job as a carer. But throughout the next 3/4 years, there will be improvement!

And as always, keep up to date with all my social media! I use Instagram and twitter regularly. My username for both is RebeccaKLxo.


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