Jackson’s Pageant Journey. ðŸ’™ðŸ¤´

Following in his mummy’s footsteps. I’ve wrote about some of my past pageant experiences, when I compete. So I’ll thought I’ll write about Jackson’s too. I started competing in them to help with my confidence, and I wish this helps give Jackson confidence too.

He started his first pageant at 4 months old, he competed in Lakeside Catwalk Model 2018. He did well in this pageant wining, best personality, most photogenic and came 3rd runner up. This is also the last pageant I competed in, where I placed runner up. It was a long busy day, getting myself and Jackson ready, and this is where I made my decision to step back from competing for myself, to focus on Jackson’s pageant career.

His second pageant he competed in, he came runner up. This one was named Star Royalty. He still brought home a beautiful little crown though. Although he was admittedly having an off day, due to teething. I’m still proud of him, and a little of his personality did come through with the songs he had on stage.

He enjoyed it so much, and did so well that he has 3 pageants coming up.

-Clwydian Beauty 2018 -August

-Royal Beauty 2018 – September

-Emerald Beauty 2019 – January

There’s loads more I’m interested in, but I’m prioritising and getting them paid off in order, while working around work and bills. I always post pictures from the pageant days on the day on my Instagram: RebeccaKLxo.


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