The Best Lemonade: Lovely Drinks

The best lemonade, I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. So much it’s warranted it’s own little blog post! Yes I am seriously writing a blog post just for a bottle of lemonade, and you might think I’m over exaggerating about it. However until you try this lemonade for yourself, you’ll never know!

This amazing specimen of lemonade is made by a drinks brand called Lovely Drinks. A company, I’d like to share with my readers, because it’s locally based to me. I love supporting local, independent businesses. This one definitely has my support! I wish I knew more places that sold their beverage. But for now, at least I know I can enjoy their lemonade from my local Coop store.

A little description of the lemonade itself. It’s a classic, handcrafted garden lemonade. The beverage is made with Sicilian lemons, which gives it that sharp refreshing taste. It’s also got a little extra ingredient which is a hint of English lavender, which helps cools. This drink is packaged in a little glass bottle so great for recycling, and a cute but informative label. The best thing about it, is they stay clear from concentrates, artificial preservatives and flavouring. So in my books it’s healthy too. I tried to ration this drink out for me, as I bought it to last the whole day, but I ended up finishing it basically straight away because I just couldn’t stop drinking it. It’s really delicious!

I enjoyed writing this little post, and hope to do more in the future! Here’s the company website ad social media links, so you can check them out for yourself. And if this post inspires you to try a new beverage, let me know over on twitter or instagram with #rebeccaklxolovelydrinks .

Lovely Drinks: <- Click for their social media.


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