Product Review: Lavender Beauty Products.

I’ve spent the past few weeks trailing two beauty products.  Which I’m writing about together, due to their incorporation into my routine and beautiful scented with essence of Lavender.   Being a first time mum to a 5 month old, I need to take the 10 minute me time routine I try to incorporate everyday., making sure my skin has recovered.  Not only my face from the countless sleepless nights lost to a teething baby. But also my hands. I never really noticed how much work my hands do in one day. So I’m now looking after them, as they really do deserve a break too.

Amphora Aromatics Skincare: Essentials Collection.

I’ve been using a Lavender and Tea Tree  moisturising face lotion by Amphora Aromatics. I’ve already reviewed an essential oil blend by Amphora Aromatics, so my expectations were already pretty high for the brand.  I find that a lot of facial creams and lotions are left with a not so pretty smell. That is not the case with this lotion. It’s lavender and tea tree smell, is a pleasant scent in a facial lotion. This product perfectly fits into my nighttime routine, with the relaxing scent.

The Somerset Toiletry Company Ltd: Naturally European.

I’ve also been using the Lavender luxury hand cream by The Somerset Toiletry Company Ltd. It’s a definite must have in hand care.  I’ve used this every evening before bedtime, so my hands can recover from a days work. It’s again an extremely pleasant scent. Using this at the night time, means the lavender scent is relaxing and calming. It’s also left my hands soft and smooth.

Both products leave you feeling well cared for and takes no time to apply or fit into any existing skincare or hand care routine. I highly recommend these two products. So please do check them out for yourselves. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

~Rebecca Watts

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