Film Review: Truth or Dare?

After seeing this trailer several times while watching shows on 4OD. Plus the premise intrigued me. I’m a sucker for a horror film. I love many movies that Blumhouse have produced; such as, The Purge films, Insidious, The Belko Experiment, Ouiji: Origin of Evil, Get Out and Sinister. To name but a few.

I must say, I know a lot of critics didn’t enjoy the film that much especially the concept calling it ‘neither inventive nor scary enough to set itself…’ But I personally enjoyed it. You always see the horror films, where a ghost or demon haunts and even possess people. Yes it is just another horror film centred around a group of teenagers. I thought the concept was original although some of the deaths were quite unrealistic. with the lack of blood. But I’d put this down to the age certificate to the film which is a 15. The cast including Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey, all did a pretty good job at their roles. I’m sure it set during spring break was a easy move.

It also awkwardly walked around big taboo subjects, like suicide and sexual harassment. The biggest disappointment though to this film in my opinion, was the ending. It left me very unsure about whether or not it was a clever ending or not.  On one side I thought it was clever to bring the internet and YouTube into that ending. But I felt overall the ending kind of fell a little flat and seemed rushed. Though it’s the first film that leaves the ending open, yet open too wide for a sequel to work.

If you’ve managed to catch Truth or Dare out in the cinemas currently, let me know what you think via social media.




Product Review: Lavender Beauty Products.

I’ve spent the past few weeks trailing two beauty products.  Which I’m writing about together, due to their incorporation into my routine and beautiful scented with essence of Lavender.   Being a first time mum to a 5 month old, I need to take the 10 minute me time routine I try to incorporate everyday., making sure my skin has recovered.  Not only my face from the countless sleepless nights lost to a teething baby. But also my hands. I never really noticed how much work my hands do in one day. So I’m now looking after them, as they really do deserve a break too.

Amphora Aromatics Skincare: Essentials Collection.

I’ve been using a Lavender and Tea Tree  moisturising face lotion by Amphora Aromatics. I’ve already reviewed an essential oil blend by Amphora Aromatics, so my expectations were already pretty high for the brand.  I find that a lot of facial creams and lotions are left with a not so pretty smell. That is not the case with this lotion. It’s lavender and tea tree smell, is a pleasant scent in a facial lotion. This product perfectly fits into my nighttime routine, with the relaxing scent.

The Somerset Toiletry Company Ltd: Naturally European.

I’ve also been using the Lavender luxury hand cream by The Somerset Toiletry Company Ltd. It’s a definite must have in hand care.  I’ve used this every evening before bedtime, so my hands can recover from a days work. It’s again an extremely pleasant scent. Using this at the night time, means the lavender scent is relaxing and calming. It’s also left my hands soft and smooth.

Both products leave you feeling well cared for and takes no time to apply or fit into any existing skincare or hand care routine. I highly recommend these two products. So please do check them out for yourselves. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

~Rebecca Watts

Essential Night Out Dresses.

As it’s been over a year since I’ve enjoyed a girl night out with my friends, due to the pregnancy journey I embarked on last year. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mother to my son. However I do miss getting all dolled up, to go out the odd night with my friends.  So I thought I’d do a little fashion post, about what I feel the essential dresses needed for a night out.

I feel like every woman should have at least a few of these dresses in their wardrobe for night outs. I’ll be looking at two sites, ASOS and Miss guided. I’ll include their price and links in each section.

  • The Sequin Dress

Every woman needs a little sparkle in her life. Sequins are an effortless way to glam up any outfit.

sequin dress

  • The Little Black Dress

This is must have in every wardrobe. A little black dress is a simple yet sophisticated style.


  • The Lace Dress

Lace dresses add a sense of delicate styling to any woman’s wardrobe. A lace dress in any colour looks classy and delicate.

lace dress

  • The Bodycon Dress

A bodycon dress is a must have for any woman who like to show off their body.


  • The Statement Dress

A statement dress is needed for any woman who likes the attention on her when she arrives to a party.


  • The Velvet Dress

Sometimes a girl just likes the soft and comfort that velvet gives off on a dress. It’s also available in many styles from bodycon to skater dress.


  • The Solid Colour Dress

These are often the solid, bold colour dresses, like yellow, cobalt blue, green or pink. They can also come in many different styles. But sometimes a woman just wants to be in one block of colour.

solid colour dress

  • The Cut Out Dress

The cut out dress is a sophisticated choice for those that want to show a little body but not too much. A bold but understated look.


  • The Midi Dress

This dress is a sophisticated look, that’s more  for maybe a formal night out. where it’s long but not floor length.

midi dress

  • The Evening Dress

An evening dress is a more formal choice. I feel like every woman should have a formal dress in their wardrobe, ready for that princess moment.

formal dress

  • The Playsuit

A playsuit is a cute alternative to a dress for a night out in the summer. These can come in all sorts of lace, embellishments, sequins etc.


  • The Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are also a great alternative for the winter nights. or even the summer if you prefer full leg coverage.


The last two options do have the difficulty of being not very practical in the bathroom, but are super cute alternatives to dresses.  All of the above are perfectly paired with heels. You can find all of the above on many fashion sites. A list I’ve provided below.,,,,, etc…

Every fashion loving woman, should have at least 4 of these essentials in their wardrobe/closet.  Which ones your favourite? Show me via twitter: @RebeccaKLxo