Health and Beauty Event for Bloggers 💄

Last week, I attended a health and Beauty event for bloggers, hosted by Bristol Bloggers and Marriott Hotel.

This is something I’d like to expand in, covering a wider blogging niche. It’s also nice to meet brands and fellow bloggers.

Brands including: The Pilates Room, Scentered, Shy Mimosa Perfumery, The Somerset Toiletry Company, Amphora Aromatics and Dr Hauschka.

All of which are great brands, many of which I feel are useful as a new parent, from fitness to aromatherapy.

Marriott hotel had a lovely selection of food for us to enjoy. It looked too good to eat. That I couldn’t bare to eat any, that and I’m a very fussy eater and didn’t like much of what they had out. There was also a selection of wine, beer and fruit infused water.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for my blog, and I’m excited to work with the brands in the near future.

Check out the brands if you get a chance. I highly recommend them.


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