Book Review: Subject Verb Object

This review is long overdue. A very late blogging assignment, due to life getting in the way (pregnancy and new baby). I also needed time to thoroughly read through the book. I did this several times, to fully comprehend the multiple stories within one book.

Subject Verb Object is an anthology of writing by a variety of writers, brought together by Dane Cobain. These authors include; Eileen Maksym, Clive Whitelock, James Torrance, Heba El-Husseini, Sharon Anderson, Michael-Israel Jarvis, Amar Rana-Deshmukh, Neil Denham, Chris Gower, Dane Cobain, Alex Kimmell, Stevyn Colgan,Β  J.G. Clay, J.C. Miller, Chico Kidd, Oli Jacobs, Dani Brown and Pam Elise Harris. All are fantastic writers to the short stories within the book.

The book consists of 18 short stories, ranging from various subjects. All are very cleverly composed. I enjoyed every story within the book. So much so that I had trouble picking just one favourite story from the collection. But I narrowed it down to 3. My top 3 choices is Cornwall by James Torrence, The Wedding by Chris Gower and Devil in the Detail by Michael-Isreal Jarvis.

What I liked about these 3 stories was how different they was from each other. It was very stimulating to read many vastly different stories within one book.Β I can’t recommend this book enough, to any book readers out there, who’d like to try something new; as this isn’t your average book. Here is the link to the book on amazon (Link). It’s worth a read!


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