Justice League: Film Review

I’ve been itching to watch Justice League since I saw Batman V Superman, when it came out in the cinema. I’m such a comic book nerd. Especially DC comics. I originally planned to watch Justice League on opening night. However, this was proved difficult, by having a 2 week old baby. So leaving him at the time, would of been out of the question.

I finally got to watch Justice League a few days a ago, with my mum as my partner babysat our son. This was a lovely change, as I look after our son, and do all the night feeds since he was born. This felt like the perfect evening to finally catch Justice League before it leaves the cinema, while my partner bonds with our son.

I avoided reading any reviews of the film prior to watching. This decision was brought on by the knowledge of reviewers being notoriously negative about films in the DC comic universe, for example Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad. I went into this viewing with just my own excitement.

To which I absolutely loved the film. The crew and cast did an amazing job with it. Zack Snyder in my opinion, was born to direct these DC comic movie adaptations. The cast worked so well together. Ezra Miller as The Flash had all the funny lines, throughout the film. Ray Fisher brought a new level, to his portrayal of Cyborg. Jason Momoa has made Aquaman cool. As well as Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck returned doing a great job as Wonder Woman and Batman.

I was more happy to see I’m more happy to see Henry Cavill back as Superman. In my opinion it really wouldn’t of been a Justice League movie without him. I was intrigued to see how he would of been included into the film. I was not disappointed.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. I found it funny, at times and didn’t lack on the action scenes. I recommend it for comic book fans. I’d love to hear your opinions if you’ve seen Justice League yourself.



PhotoWall 📸

I received a lovely email from PhotoWall requesting a collaboration. After a brief lookover their site, I fell in love. So I knew I had to share with my readers and accept their very kind request. PhotoWall is a Swedish design company, passionate about high quality wall murals and canvases. Designed by many quality designers or you can upload your own images. Every design on the site are selected with care. Products from this site, are friendly for the environment, they will not fade in in the sunlight and are fire retardant in line with Swedish standards.  Here’s a couple of my favourite prints in pictures.

All the designs on the site, are beyond beautiful. You’ll be sure to find something that’ll fit the style your looking for. It will make any interior space enviable and Instagram worthy. If your an individual who likes looking at interior goals photos for design ideas. You should definitely check out this site. See for yourself, with the below images.

I really couldn’t pick a favourite from the site. I loved them all. For an honest product review, I had my choice of one of their products, gifted to me. As a new parent I thought a canvas would be the best fit. Because I loved every design. I chose to upload a picture of my son, Jackson.

After unboxing my canvas print, I was absolutely in awe of my picture. I chose personally to get it without a frame, as I like having every picture protected in a picture frame. But you can choose with or without a self assembly frame. The printing is a good quality, and came beautifully wrapped and protected in it’s package. They did a great job, taking my original photo and increasing it’s size to print. You’ll be surprised yourself of the quality of the canvas.  After trying this out myself, I will certainly use them again in the future and I highly recommend them.

As a treat for my readers, PhotoWall are giving my readers 20% discount on their site. All you have to do is enter the code (RebeccaKLxoCampaign2017) in the voucher/discount section when at the check out. This code is available for 30 days only. If you require shipping to the UK, then use this site linked here. If your shipping to any other country worldwide, then use this link to the right site.

PhotoWall’s Instagram account (photowall_sweden) is pure interior design goals. I’d recommend following them for interior design inspiration. As well as staying up to date with new arrivals to their site.

If you use my code to buy any products then I’d love to see. Share your product images with me via twitter: @ RebeccaKLxo

I had so much fun, working on this collaboration.




Book Review: Subject Verb Object

This review is long overdue. A very late blogging assignment, due to life getting in the way (pregnancy and new baby). I also needed time to thoroughly read through the book. I did this several times, to fully comprehend the multiple stories within one book.

Subject Verb Object is an anthology of writing by a variety of writers, brought together by Dane Cobain. These authors include; Eileen Maksym, Clive Whitelock, James Torrance, Heba El-Husseini, Sharon Anderson, Michael-Israel Jarvis, Amar Rana-Deshmukh, Neil Denham, Chris Gower, Dane Cobain, Alex Kimmell, Stevyn Colgan,  J.G. Clay, J.C. Miller, Chico Kidd, Oli Jacobs, Dani Brown and Pam Elise Harris. All are fantastic writers to the short stories within the book.

The book consists of 18 short stories, ranging from various subjects. All are very cleverly composed. I enjoyed every story within the book. So much so that I had trouble picking just one favourite story from the collection. But I narrowed it down to 3. My top 3 choices is Cornwall by James Torrence, The Wedding by Chris Gower and Devil in the Detail by Michael-Isreal Jarvis.

What I liked about these 3 stories was how different they was from each other. It was very stimulating to read many vastly different stories within one book. I can’t recommend this book enough, to any book readers out there, who’d like to try something new; as this isn’t your average book. Here is the link to the book on amazon (Link). It’s worth a read!