Jigsaw: Film Review.

Not going to lie, thank goodness my little one is deciding to stay all safe and snug inside. I only say this because this gave em a chance to see an early screening of Jigsaw, last night. This is something I’ve been looking forward to, since I first saw the trailer back in March 2017. As I’m clearly a horror fan, it should be no surprise that I’m a huge fan of the Saw franchise. My admiration for this franchise means I have a very high expectation of this film.

One of the main things I love about the Saw franchise, is the creative torture traps inside the film. The gore keeps getting better and more graphic too. The entire cast and crew did an amazing job bringing this 8th installment together. The traps this time around were creative and considerably more gorier then past installments. So be prepared for that, in my opinion the motorcycle trap (without giving away too much) is probably the most gruesome.

It was obviously great to see Tobin Bell back as Jigsaw. You really can’t have a Saw film without him. The entire storyline to this film was great, made sense if you’ve seen all the films. However I did binge watched the franchise before seeing this latest film, and I still got a tiny bit confused, trying to keep up with the present and past tense of the film.

I’ll happily watch the film over and over again! I personally wasn’t disappointed by this installment, and would recommend it to other fans of this franchise. It’ll definitely be a good choice for a date night film, over the halloween weekend. If that’s the type of film, you are into.


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