Third Trimester Struggles.

I’m writing this as I just hit 39 weeks into my pregnancy, though this won’t be posted until I’m closer to 40 weeks. With just a week to go until my estimated due date (27/10/2017). This could very well be my last blog post, until the little bubba has arrived. Seeings he could arrive anytime.

I must say, although the early part of my pregnancy has been pretty breezy, with a lack of morning sickness, and having a fully healthy pregnancy and fetal development. From the booking appointment with the midwife, where I don’t have any genetic issues with family history. I feel like other women going through the pregnancy journey, in a way ‘hate’ me. I don’t intend this to be a brag by any sort. It’s just my personal pregnancy experience.

However my third trimester has actually been quite struggling. I seriously can’t wait to meet my baby. Not knowing when, is making me actually very nervous. I want to share what I’ve found to be particularly struggling.

Firstly, sleeping really is pretty much non existent. Not only does it take me like 3 hours to get comfy, I then have to get up to use the bathroom every 2/3 hours. That but from lying down, it takes a good 5/10 minutes. So much so that a lot of nights I don’t get to bed until about 3 or 4 am. This is what’s making me in an extremely bad mood. It doesn’t help going to bed that late, and then getting woken up at like 9am.

Secondly, I’m at the frustrating time where I keep getting asked that dreaded question. ‘Is he here yet?’ Or any labour signs yet? I also keep getting told that I’m not far off my due date, or that it’s close. I know I’m close to my due date, I am pregnant. I obviously know my own due date. Plus even the due date isn’t accurate. The baby will come, when they decide to come. My partner and I will call all family, informing them, and we will do an announcement, for friends.

Thirdly, a big part throughout pregnancy and midwife appointments are urine samples. By the end of your journey, you would of got very good at doing this. However they do not tell you how difficult it is to do one while 38 weeks pregnant, with a bump in the way. The acid reflux is also extremely uncomfortable, and hasn’t subsided. I have tried taking medication to help manage, but that went really badly and mad me ill. So I made my decision to just battle it out. Also have read an old wives tale about acid reflux, saying apparently the baby will have a head of hair, If this is true, andΒ  with the amount I’ve suffered with this, I hope my baby has a decent head of hair.

Thanks for following my journey, and first time experience. I honestly can’t wait until I can just hold him. Or even my partner and I to meet what we created, it’s such a magical experience.Β  This means that after this post, it’ll be highly unlikely that I’ll blog again until after the birth. But thanks for the support, well wishes and those who have followed!



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