Emmy Awards 2017: 5 Best Dressed Actresses.

I love awards season, and watching the red carpet arrivals. Seeing all the beautiful designer gowns, on my favourite actresses. I don’t think I know any girls that don’t love at least seeing all the beautiful gowns. It’s such a dream of mine, to be invited to an awards ceremony so I can dress up like one of these real life princesses.

As last night was this years primetime emmy awards. I thought I’d take a look at all the dresses that walked down that carpet, and pick out the top 5 best dressed. Please remember that this is in my opinion. There was so many dresses that I had a hard time narrowing the choices down. But I managed to do it! There was an array of well known designers to new upcoming ones, in an array of colours and styles.

  • Sofia Vergara: No stranger to being in best dressed lists. Sofia Vergara always slays the dress game every awards season. Her beautiful mermaid style white gown; designed by Mark Zunino, is made for her curvaceous figure. A soft silver criss cross detail running through the bodice. This gown is pure bridal inspiration.
  • Nicole Kidman: For this carpet, Nicole Kidman chose a beautiful red gown styled dress; designed by Calvin Klein. It’s a bold choice, that I feel does her justice, from the neckline downwards. It’s a ball gown silhouette that’s cropped at the ankles. Details include silver chain around the neckline, to the subtle definition at the waist. It was perfectly paired with silver strapped stilletos.
  • Shailene Woodley: Her chosen dress, gave a modern twist on a hollywood classic look. Designed by Ralph Lauren. The deep forest green colour complimented her skin tone. A decadent material choice of velvet added to the luxurious look. The deep plunging neckline detail gives this the modern twist.
  • Kiernan Shipka: A modern take on looking like a princess. Her nude, princess inspired gown was designed by Miu Miu. The colour of the dress compliments her complexion perfectly. The full length gown has silver glitter detail as the straps and around the bodice of the gown along with the tulle skirt.
  • Sarah Hyland: I always look forward to seeing what Sarah Hyland chooses. As her choices are always on point. Her printed dress is designed by Zac Posen. This dress sported a cleverly done cut out in the bodice, which in my opinion was done tastefully. This is print done right, not any details, but the cut out and a high neckline.

I’d love to hear your opinions. Like I said there was so many amazing dresses, I could of been here for months writing out all the best dressed picks. So these were my absolutely favourite five.



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