Logan Lucky: Film Review.

The film choice a couple of days ago was Logan Lucky. I saw the trailer for this film a few times, and it hooked me in. Truth be told, the poster with a Ford Mustang on actually draw me into this film. Everyone knows that this is my future dream car. I thought it was going to be quite a funny film.

I really did enjoy Logan Lucky. Although there was a few negative points to the film, like it not really making sense at the end.  If you see this film, you may understand what I mean by this. The crew and cast did a great job in this though. Daniel Craig was unrecognisable in his role. Where on the other hand, Adam Driver’s role was made for him. In my opinion, Adam Driver is the best part of the entire film. Channing Tatum did well too, although I wasn’t a fan of Katie Holmes in this movie. I thought her heavy put on southern american accent was too over the top.

As I wrote this short film review a few weeks late, It’s probably the shortest review I’ve written, but several weeks later, without watching the film again, my memory is a bit short of the film, to be able to write a full review.

I’d still love to know what you thought if you managed to watch Logan Lucky yourself.


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