It: Film Review. (2017)

As an all round lover of horror films. It would of been a pretty obvious guess that this remake of It, was going to be on my to watch list. I’m also very scared of clowns. So that was probably going to be a bit of a proposed problem when watching this film. Nonetheless I was super hyped to watch this film at the midnight showing. To me there’s not a better time to watch a horror film then at midnight.  Accompanied with cinema must haves of popcorn and an lemon ice blast, which the little baby seems to enjoy making me crave.

I enjoyed the film. It was very well done, and when a remake gets the approval from the author themselves, like Stephen King did. I thought this was going to be amazing. The cast and crew did an amazing job redoing this film. I wasn’t a big fan of the shapeshifting, though it did make sense in the movie. I cannot commend Bill Skarsgard enough. Pennywise was by far the best part of the film, even though It really scared me. The younger actors playing the children also deserve credit. So many great acting moments, all around the topics of fear, abuse and bullying.

The only criticise I have about the movie is; there was way too many jump scares. I get a horror film relies on jump scares for the fear factor. But I found that Warner Bros’ have heavily relied on this throughout the movie. It got a little bit predictable.  Other then that, I would still recommend watching this film when you get a chance. I would love to hear what you thought via social media.


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