Painting the Bump. 🤰🏼

As today marks 32 weeks into this crazy pregnancy journey. And the excitement into meeting my little bundle of joy in a month is coming close. So my friend contributed to having my bump painted, as a lovely keepsake to remember my first pregnancy. 

When I was trying to look for inspiration as to what I would have painted. I found it a little difficult. There’s loads of inspiration out there for bump paintings expecting little girls but not so much for little boys. In the end I found an amazing sketch of batman. As illustrated in the below screenshot. 

As I am a huge batman fan this was an obvious choice. I absolutely loved the finished product. The whole process took about an hour to complete, and we also added in my due date which is the 27th of October 2017. 

The painting was done by the lovely Joanna Delilah. She was friendly and professional. And did a great job. The finished painting was phenomenal. I’m so happy with this. 

I do recommend if you are expecting a bundle of joy yourself, getting a bump painting. It’s fun and a unique keepsake. If your Bristol based or can travel, I recommend Joanna. I’ll attach her social media links here, please do check her out for yourself. Instagram is joannadelilah_makeup and Facebook URL: 

Thanks for enjoying my experience. I can’t wait to meet my little batman fan. 


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