Alien Covenant:Film Review

alien covenantI managed to watch Alien Covenant a day before the UK release, at work. As they was doing a one of early showing and I was working all of the opening weekend. I couldn’t live with avoiding spoilers for two days.  Being a horror fan, I’m clearly going to be an Alien franchise fan. I will not post spoilers.

I’ll always believe that Alien, is Ridley Scott’s best film, he’s done in my opinion. Although the sequels could be questionable, with a mixed reaction fanbase. It seemed like ages ago since I watched Prometheus, but when I watched the current film, Covenant. I understood it. I thought the production and the space scenary was beautiful. Always one for breathtaking scenery and visuals. The cast and crew did a phenomenal job in this masterpiece.

It has been announced that Ridley Scott is going to make like 4 more films in this Alien franchise, to pad out the stoy more. All of which I can not wait for more evolution to the story.  I really wasn’t disappointed with this installment. I enjoyed it, would happily watch it again, and totally recommend this movie to fellow moviegoers.


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