Get Out: Film Review.

As soon as I saw the trailer to this, the first time, I knew I had to watch it. I’m a fan of the horror films that Blumhouse produces. The Gift and Insidious are two of my favourites. I did really like Get Out. I can see how it made so much money on it’s opening weekend. As all my film reviews, I will try my best to not post spoilers.

Obviously a lot of commendation goes to Jordan Peele, it’s an amazing film for a first directorial debut. It’s set the bar high, especially when it was filmed in just 28 days. I also did read about some of the backlash, when Daniel Kaluuya was casted, but I must say I can’t imagine anyone else doing a better job. Allison Williams also did a good job in her first feature movie. As well as all the cast and crew that’s made this film possible.

Plus the twist in the film, was cleverly put in. It also had a few funny moments in, to add a break from the seriousness of the film. It’s so cleverly and beautifully made. I highly recommend watching this film, to all. I can’t praise it enough. I’ll happily rewatch it over and over again. Let me know what your thoughts and opinions on Get Out.


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