Kong: Skull Island: Film Review.

As is usually how I get roped into watching new films, is the trailer being so exceptionally good. Although I’ve noticed a increasing pattern, that I have with Warner Bros’ produced films. Where their trailers are really great to get the views in, but they butcher the rest of the film. It’s the reason behind the fact I’m not excited for any DC film, or now King Arthur.

That went a little off topic, but back to Kong. I didn’t have high hopes for this, as past Kong films haven’t been that good. Saying that this one, was visually stunning, especially around the island. The CGI effects with the various larger scale animals was brilliantly done. Avoiding spoilers, but the twist in the story was great, and unseen. The cast and crew did a great job, it turned out to be quite the heartwarming video. Though there could be more of certain characters, and it could do without the romantic interest tone between Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston. Samuel L JAckson portrayed the hell bent army officer so well.

I saw this film in 3D. Which added depth (no pun intended). I would totally recommend this film. Definitely the best Kong film, I’ve ever seen.


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