Crushing Hard… 🌷💋❤️

I got inspired to start writing this post at midnight by hand in my cute little ‘daydreamer’ notebook. I thought could help any readers who are currently crushing on any individual. I’ve just typed this straight up, word for word from my notebook. Though this won’t be as pretty as what I have written in the book, with cute heart doodles on each page. As the title implies, my crush seems to have hit me like a truckload.

*Forbidden love is an enticing concept filled; lust, mystery and temptation*

There is not a undescribable or crazier feeling than the one I get with you. The way my heart skips a beat, or when I play with my hairband on my wrist. The skip in my step , while a sway my handbag. I’d often go shy, not knowing what to say or even the inability to keep eye contact, without getting lost. I get captivated when you enlighten me with new knowledge. There’s always a smile, whenever you like my social media posts. My heart lights up when you smile. It even flutters when your glance is in my direction.

There would be mutual happiness, if we share the same thoughts.Many people think I wouldn’t be happy if this was pursued. I guess you could see this as an open letter. I don’t know if you’d read this, but if you have, this is basically my heart on my sleeve.

If this is all in my imagination, I would rather live in my imaginary domain. In my mind, it’s just a crush. It has to be, but my heart questions it. Nothing could ever happen, even if I dream. What woman wouldn’t want an intelligent man. So I’ll use this as a permanent account, so I can relive feelings that I can never pursue.



Beauty and the Beast: Film Review.

I don’t think I’ve met anyone yet, who wasn’t excited for this Disney remake. Beauty and the Beast is my top disney film. I have always loved this musical. So much so, I’ve seen this film twice. I have the soundtrack on repeat, the songs stuck in my head. I’m not going to post any spoilers about the film here.

This film is visually stunning. The production team did a phenomenal job. Emma Watson did a good job as Belle. Keeping the innocence in her character, with a bit of sassy. Especially with her interactions with Gaston. I cannot imagine anyone else but Luke Evans in this role. Not only do I find him really handsome as Gaston. His parts of the movie were my favourite. Dan Stevens portrayal as the beast/prince was fantastic. I really preferred him more as the beast though. Josh Gad as LeFou was mindblowing. He did an amazing job, as Disney’s first gay character, though in my opinion, I didn’t really see it.

This Disney remake is set to pave the way for a number of more live action remakes. I honestly can’t wait! I definitely recommend watching Beauty and the Beast. I saw it twice and would happily watch it many more times. Let me know your opinions on the film, via social media.


Get Out: Film Review.

As soon as I saw the trailer to this, the first time, I knew I had to watch it. I’m a fan of the horror films that Blumhouse produces. The Gift and Insidious are two of my favourites. I did really like Get Out. I can see how it made so much money on it’s opening weekend. As all my film reviews, I will try my best to not post spoilers.

Obviously a lot of commendation goes to Jordan Peele, it’s an amazing film for a first directorial debut. It’s set the bar high, especially when it was filmed in just 28 days. I also did read about some of the backlash, when Daniel Kaluuya was casted, but I must say I can’t imagine anyone else doing a better job. Allison Williams also did a good job in her first feature movie. As well as all the cast and crew that’s made this film possible.

Plus the twist in the film, was cleverly put in. It also had a few funny moments in, to add a break from the seriousness of the film. It’s so cleverly and beautifully made. I highly recommend watching this film, to all. I can’t praise it enough. I’ll happily rewatch it over and over again. Let me know what your thoughts and opinions on Get Out.


Kong: Skull Island: Film Review.

As is usually how I get roped into watching new films, is the trailer being so exceptionally good. Although I’ve noticed a increasing pattern, that I have with Warner Bros’ produced films. Where their trailers are really great to get the views in, but they butcher the rest of the film. It’s the reason behind the fact I’m not excited for any DC film, or now King Arthur.

That went a little off topic, but back to Kong. I didn’t have high hopes for this, as past Kong films haven’t been that good. Saying that this one, was visually stunning, especially around the island. The CGI effects with the various larger scale animals was brilliantly done. Avoiding spoilers, but the twist in the story was great, and unseen. The cast and crew did a great job, it turned out to be quite the heartwarming video. Though there could be more of certain characters, and it could do without the romantic interest tone between Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston. Samuel L JAckson portrayed the hell bent army officer so well.

I saw this film in 3D. Which added depth (no pun intended). I would totally recommend this film. Definitely the best Kong film, I’ve ever seen.


Logan: Film Review 📽

Seeings two of my favourite comics come from Marvel, (Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men). I clearly had to watch Logan, being a part of the X-Men franchise. Especially when I’ve seen all the tv series, films and frequently reading the books. When I was younger, my sister and I used to pretend to be mutants from X-Men.

The entire film, has a lot more of a darker presence, then past X-Men films. I like to think of it as an epic finale to the movie franchise. I won’t post about the plot or any spoilers, as it’s still new out, but I feel like I need to warn hardcore X-Men fans, that this will make you cry. I was not emotionally prepared for the amount of tears I shed last night, while I watched Logan.

I can not think of a better actor to portray Wolverine, then Hugh Jackman. To be fair the same goes to Patrick Stewart’s portrayal of Professor Charles Xavier. I think knowing this will be the last time they would play these characters, made it so sad. Every cast and crew member done a phenomenal job, deserves a lot of credit.

I would totally recommend this film to everyone. Certainly for X-Men fans, but also just the action alone would keep a action film fan pleased. Let me know what you think via twitter: @RebeccaKLxo