My First Rant For This Blog!

I’m aching as I start to write my first rant blog post. The topic of this rant is drivers. Not just any drivers, but a specific mother driver. Who I will keep anonymous for reasons. Please note that this will contain probably a lot of strong bad language. But I’m sure if you were in my shoes, you’d possibly think the same.

The thing that made this situation a lot worse was the child. I’m not a parent myself, but I know in the future, as I’m sure many parents strive for, is to keep their child safe. The woman in question certainly didn’t and this is why I got infuriated. This woman, with her 1 maybe 2 year old in the back of her car, dangerously undertook, while on their phone, to the car I was passenger in. Then slammed her brakes on, sending me nearly through my partner’s car windscreen. And when I took a picture of her, to report her dangerous driving. She turned into a psychotic bitch, and assaulted me. In front of her crying child in her car, she got me in a headlock, threw me onto the floor, and tried to push me under a park car and smack my head on the parked car bumper.

Firstly why on earth would you want to risk your child’s life, just to get home a few minutes faster. Secondly really then to go as far as to assault a stranger, because they showed concern for the child. While is was all happening during rush hour traffic, passing cars just stared. No one had the balls to stop and help me. If the woman’s grip was stronger, she would of caused permanent damage.  I honestly hope she never has more kids, or she seriously dies. That child would be so much better off in foster care.

I have made a police report. I do plan on prosecuting this to the highest level, more for the safety of her child. This obviously really got under my skin, mainly because I don’t understand how women that is clearly the spawn of satan is allowed to her children, when there’s many good people out in the world, who can’t have children, who would be great parents.


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