Lego Batman: Film Review

Yesterday being Valentine’s Day and today marking 3 years with my boyfriend. We decided to save money and do a great valentine’s and anniversary evening. One of which was watching the Lego Batman movie after our meal at TGI Fridays. A movie that I knew I couldn’t pass up, being a huge Batman fan. I saw the trailer several times, and it looked hilarious.

Firstly I’d like to say that everyone involved with the film did a great job! To all the actors and actresses who spent their time lending their voices to the production. Plus the animation was great and all the action scenes. It had funny points, and a possibly too heavy storyline involving relationships. In my opinion could be a little too heavy for a children’s movie. I enjoyed certain comic book references, and didn’t like certain items which felt out of place, such as references to Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings.

Now to go into a small rant. Although Warner Bros, have made some great films. Saying that I feel like a lot of their movies have been butchered compared to the subsequent movie trailer. And annoyingly enough it seems like it’s always their collaboration with DC Comics, that get it worse. Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad… to name a few. The trailers to these films look great, and is what hooks most potential viewers. But when you go to watch the film, you get disappointed. This is really grinding my gears currently.

However if you have children, this film is certainly going to keep them entertained for a few hours. I would recommend seeing this still though. It had some funny parts. LEt me know what you think!


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