Style Evolution|LookBook: Site Review

Being into fashion, like what some may say a typical girl would love. I find it an unseen passion of mine. Also the target of many of my compulsive buys, from clothes through to accessories and shoes. My style has evolved a lot throughout the years. I started about 10 years ago, with a pretty girly outlook to fashion. Lots of florals and pink colours in that 12 year old’s wardrobe.

My style just got more refined as it evolved. 16 year old me was a very different picture in fashion to 12 year old me. It was more gothic rock chick. I remember going into Claire’s Accessories and spending my pocket money on their black netted gloves and range of ties. Turning 18, came with a going out wardrobe, loads of bodycon and little black dresses. As of now, my style is pretty grunge like, loads of flannel shirts, band t-shirts and skinnies.

I stumbled upon a site called – And I just love the site, even just being on it for 2 days so far. I’ve found so much style inspiration through this site. If you’re a fellow fashion lover, this site should be in your bookmarks! Enjoy thousands of beautiful style photos to your hearts content.

Check out my profile:        and my latest uploaded look.

Let me know what you think of this site via twitter. @RebeccaKLxo




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