A Cure For Wellness: Film Review.

I’m actually excited to be finally able to do this review. I was going to write this review back on Saturday, but due to the most infuriating cinema going experience, I missed chunks of the film. So I couldn’t do a well rounded review missing chunks of the film. So this called for a second viewing. Being a huge horror fan, and knowing that this would be Gore Verbinski’s first horror film in 15 years. With The Ring in 2002, being so well made, this made for high hopes. My first look at the trailer was sent to me on facebook, by my mother. A Cure For Wellness is rated an 18.

This film isn’t really a horror, more of a psychological thriller. The plot is confusing if you are not investing all your time to the film. In my opinion the film plays on interesting premises, such as immortality, disease, health and mental wellbeing. As well as being a visually spectacular movie. It’s a beautifully made film. The cast and crew done a phenomenal job. Dane DeHaan has done a fantastic job as the lead actor, with his portrayal of a workaholic wall street broker. Definitely one to watch out for. Mia Goth did a great job as Hannah. Even with such a serious matter at the end of her part, with the incest rape matter.

It has it’s twist and turns, but It always kept me hooked. I’ll totally watch it again! Definitely my favourite film of this genre so far of 2017.

Let me know what you thought of this film through twitter. I do highly recommend this film to all.



What I’ve Learnt The Past Year.

A week ago, I have officially been driving for a year. I still can’t believe this time two years ago, I would of been still learning this life skill. I consider this my biggest goal, I’ve accomplished in my life. I appreciate it more as I wasn’t fortunate enough to have parents that could solely pay for everything from lessons, tests to the actual car. I have nothing against the individuals who do have this. In my opinion, I appreciate what I have more, because I worked for it. During this past year I have learnt a lot.

One of the things I’ve learnt is that I don’t enjoy driving. I thought while I was learning that I’d love the freedom of being able to drive and it is freeing. I will drive when I need too, that doesn’t bother me. But at the same time it’s beyond stressful. At times it feels like anyone’s way on the road, and I’ve noticed a lot of selfish drivers on the road. Road rage is a very real feeling.

It has given me access to be able to do things I never thought I could. I can now travel to photo shoots, gain inspiration for new blog posts, shopping in the city centre and pageants… etc… No more relying on public transport. Also I can now travel to work, and travel back safely after late night shifts. My car is like my own personal space. I love buying treats for my car, from adorable air fresheners to stickers.

I also love my car. I’ve had a lot of comments about my car, mainly on how I can afford it. The answer is that I work damn hard, to be able to afford my car myself. I own a 2013 Ford Fiesta in silver. It has practicality with its five doors, and a decent size boot space. Ready for when the boyfriend and I move into the children stage of our relationship. Being able to keep the same car for years, without worrying about needing another car in the future.

My future car goals is a Mustang. Everyone close to me, knows how much I’m in love with the beauty of those cars. There’s always a post every now and then on my instagram: rebeccaklxo.



37 Questions?

I thought it’d be fun to answer 37 questions. It’s like a interview, which I don’t normally enjoy. Saying that, I thought this would be a fun way, for readers to get to know me. All questions are randomly generated online. So I hope you guys enjoy!


  1. Favorite pet I ever had? I’m a big animal lover. My mum runs a small animal rescue, so I’ve always grown up around animals. From having pet dogs and cats, to wanting a German Shepherd in the future. My personal current and always re-occurring pet is domesticated rats.
  2. Favorite car I’ve owned? This is my current car for sure. I have a Ford Fiesta from 2013. I enjoy and love this car so much. It has practicality and loads of safety features so I feel safe driving it.
  3. Favorite meal out, ever? This is a torn between two restaurants. For a slightly more formal meal I love TGI Fridays. Or if I fancy a burger and fries kind of meal, it’ll always be Five Guys. I will never be able to live without these food places.
  4.  Favorite food I’ve cooked? This will always be spaghetti and meatballs, such a simple but classic dish.
  5.  Favorite food from childhood? Party rings. Party rings all the way!
  6.  Favorite drink on a hot summer day? Mango and Passionfruit slush/smoothie.
  7.  Favorite drink on a cold winter night? Cinnamon Chai Latte.
  8.  Favorite conversation I’ve ever had with a person? I don’t have any. Purely because I’m not a big social person. I deal with social anxiety, so as you can imagine that makes social interaction difficult for me.
  9.  Favorite total meal that I cook? Stir fry with prawns.
  10.  Favorite movie of all time? I have many. But if I have to name on, it’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Only because I have 10 copies of this DVD.
  11.  Favorite book of all time? The Art of Murder by Michael White.
  12.  Teacher who changed my life, and why? I won’t name names, but my year 10 english teacher. She taught me to pursue writing, and creativity.
  13.  Professional mentor who changed my life, and why? My pageant sister, because she’s taught me many lessons through my pageant lifestyle.
  14.  Favorite item to go shopping for with girl friends? New outfits are always fun.
  15.  Perfect day out: what, where, with whom? A day at the Zoo, or any countryside/woodland walk with my boyfriend.
  16.  Favorite color? Black.
  17.  Favorite artist? Metro Station
  18.  Favorite song? Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time – Panic at the Disco.
  19.  The best paid entertainment I’ve ever seen? Seeing The Rocky Horror Picture Show live.
  20.  Favorite hobby activity that makes me get lost for hours? Creative writing.
  21.  Most rewarding time I’ve ever spent volunteering? I used to volunteer at a forest school with children, and enjoyed it. It was amazing teaching children to play in nature.
  22.  The most exciting secret I’ve ever been told? I’ve known a few, but won’t be spilling them here. Keeping my loyalties close.
  23.  My greatest skill? Timekeeping. I’m either always early or on time.
  24.  The best advice I’ve ever been given? Never give up.
  25.  The best advice I’ve ever given? Plenty more fish in the sea.
  26.  The best birthday I ever had and why? Definitely my 22nd birthday in 2016. It was spent with closest friends, boyfriend and sister. Partying it away to my favourite DJs’ in my favourite friday night spot.
  27. The coolest natural wonder I’ve ever seen? Cheddar Gorge.
  28. The most fun road trip I’ve ever taken, where and with whom? When me and my boyfriend went on an impromptu drive up to towards Kidderminster, and went through Wales on the way back.
  29. My favorite flower?  Peonies.
  30. My best hair day? When I did a studio shoot, a few years ago, I had back combed volumed hair all over. Although it was a bit of an ass to get out after, it was certainly my favourite.
  31. The best gift I’ve ever gotten: what and from whom? I collect pop vinyls, and my favourite one is my Leatherface one, I got for christmas from my boyfriend.
  32. My most suspenseful moment? Any waiting period. Like from my unemployed period, between interviews.
  33. My favorite paid employment? Where I currently am. I enjoy my job, and everyone I work with is friendly.
  34. The best dessert I’ve ever eaten? The Stables does a chocolate brownie, that’s literally a dream.
  35. The prettiest natural landscape I’ve ever seen? Anywhere in Wales.
  36. The most scared I’ve been by a bug? I’m absolutely terrified of spiders, no matter of their size or specie.
  37. The best cup of coffee I’ve ever had? I’m not a big coffee  drinker, but I have a soft spot for chai lattes.

If this is popular, I may do another questions related post. I welcome feedback.








My First Rant For This Blog!

I’m aching as I start to write my first rant blog post. The topic of this rant is drivers. Not just any drivers, but a specific mother driver. Who I will keep anonymous for reasons. Please note that this will contain probably a lot of strong bad language. But I’m sure if you were in my shoes, you’d possibly think the same.

The thing that made this situation a lot worse was the child. I’m not a parent myself, but I know in the future, as I’m sure many parents strive for, is to keep their child safe. The woman in question certainly didn’t and this is why I got infuriated. This woman, with her 1 maybe 2 year old in the back of her car, dangerously undertook, while on their phone, to the car I was passenger in. Then slammed her brakes on, sending me nearly through my partner’s car windscreen. And when I took a picture of her, to report her dangerous driving. She turned into a psychotic bitch, and assaulted me. In front of her crying child in her car, she got me in a headlock, threw me onto the floor, and tried to push me under a park car and smack my head on the parked car bumper.

Firstly why on earth would you want to risk your child’s life, just to get home a few minutes faster. Secondly really then to go as far as to assault a stranger, because they showed concern for the child. While is was all happening during rush hour traffic, passing cars just stared. No one had the balls to stop and help me. If the woman’s grip was stronger, she would of caused permanent damage.  I honestly hope she never has more kids, or she seriously dies. That child would be so much better off in foster care.

I have made a police report. I do plan on prosecuting this to the highest level, more for the safety of her child. This obviously really got under my skin, mainly because I don’t understand how women that is clearly the spawn of satan is allowed to her children, when there’s many good people out in the world, who can’t have children, who would be great parents.


Lego Batman: Film Review

Yesterday being Valentine’s Day and today marking 3 years with my boyfriend. We decided to save money and do a great valentine’s and anniversary evening. One of which was watching the Lego Batman movie after our meal at TGI Fridays. A movie that I knew I couldn’t pass up, being a huge Batman fan. I saw the trailer several times, and it looked hilarious.

Firstly I’d like to say that everyone involved with the film did a great job! To all the actors and actresses who spent their time lending their voices to the production. Plus the animation was great and all the action scenes. It had funny points, and a possibly too heavy storyline involving relationships. In my opinion could be a little too heavy for a children’s movie. I enjoyed certain comic book references, and didn’t like certain items which felt out of place, such as references to Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings.

Now to go into a small rant. Although Warner Bros, have made some great films. Saying that I feel like a lot of their movies have been butchered compared to the subsequent movie trailer. And annoyingly enough it seems like it’s always their collaboration with DC Comics, that get it worse. Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad… to name a few. The trailers to these films look great, and is what hooks most potential viewers. But when you go to watch the film, you get disappointed. This is really grinding my gears currently.

However if you have children, this film is certainly going to keep them entertained for a few hours. I would recommend seeing this still though. It had some funny parts. LEt me know what you think!


Lux Lisbon Live! 🎤

Last night I had the honour of going to see Lux Lisbon live. I wanted to see them since they announced their tour. But I was worried I couldn’t afford to go. I got lucky and won two tickets for their Bristol gig through a twitter competition, they held. I decided to take my mum to her first gig. The band played at The Bierkeller in Bristol. I wore a beautiful red lace dress, with black platform creepers and a vintage black clutch. I paired the dress with a black leather jacket. I felt drop dead gorgeous in the ensemble. 

The supporting acts were great. I didn’t get the chance to get videos due to a dying phone battery. Cecile and Browyn Leonard are great. I swear they have voices like an angel. Even Bassist of Lux Lisbon, Charley played some solo songs which were really great. It was nice to see some female artists.

I managed to get several videos of the main band, Lux Lisbon especially my favourite songs by them. I’ve included two of the videos here.

​All the videos are on my personal facebook page. facebook.com/rebeccakatielouisex <- there’s the link. If you want to check them out. Also you can directly check them out, via twitter @luxlisbonmusic 

I hope you enjoy their music as much as I do. 


Style Evolution|LookBook: Site Review

Being into fashion, like what some may say a typical girl would love. I find it an unseen passion of mine. Also the target of many of my compulsive buys, from clothes through to accessories and shoes. My style has evolved a lot throughout the years. I started about 10 years ago, with a pretty girly outlook to fashion. Lots of florals and pink colours in that 12 year old’s wardrobe.

My style just got more refined as it evolved. 16 year old me was a very different picture in fashion to 12 year old me. It was more gothic rock chick. I remember going into Claire’s Accessories and spending my pocket money on their black netted gloves and range of ties. Turning 18, came with a going out wardrobe, loads of bodycon and little black dresses. As of now, my style is pretty grunge like, loads of flannel shirts, band t-shirts and skinnies.

I stumbled upon a site called lookbook.nu – And I just love the site, even just being on it for 2 days so far. I’ve found so much style inspiration through this site. If you’re a fellow fashion lover, this site should be in your bookmarks! Enjoy thousands of beautiful style photos to your hearts content.

Check out my profile: http://lookbook.nu/rebeccaklxo        and my latest uploaded look.

Let me know what you think of this site via twitter. @RebeccaKLxo




Resident Evil: The Final Chapter: Film Review

Another late night date night for my boyfriend and I. Especially after a long shift at work. It was a difficult choice of films, as there’s so many good films out. Too many films and not enough weeks. The biggest mystery currently in my life is trying to figure out why I get this film mixed up with Underworld. I still haven’t solved that mystery yet.

Saying that I did enjoy the film. I’m a huge fan of the Resident Evil games. I was just as overjoyed to see the areas in the film staying true to the games, from Raccoon City through to The Hive. Even the different types of biohazard mutants exactly like the game. The acting was great, and the stunts were insane. A big well done to all the actors, actresses and the crew. I loved Ruby Rose’s cameo role also.

The only downside I thought the film had was how they filmed a few of the scenes and the camera they used. Only because I few of the fast paced action sequences and stunts, were just a blur. There was also a lot of bright lights also could cause potential headaches.

Other then that, I totally recommend this film to all. Especially if your a fan of the game. Let me know your thoughts on the film!


Yes, I’m an adult and I’m still scared of the…

I’m writing this post uncomfortable experience.

Pretty intriguing title, probably made me think and try to guess what I could possibly still be scared of. I’m writing this to show people that there’s no age to fear correlation. It doesn’t matter, just own your fears. There’s many things I am scared of, from spiders, clowns to snakes and heights. But nothing is a big as my fear for the dentist. I am 22 and still need to take a teddy and have a family member accompany me to the dentist.

I recently changed dentists, because I had a feeling my old dentist wasn’t doing their job correctly. Now post tooth extraction and one filling down, with 4 more fillings next week. It’s clear the old dentist has butchered my teeth. In my opinion I’d rather sit through loads more tattoos, then deal with the dentist pain.

This is a short post, but I hope it will show people that fears aren’t something to be ashamed of. Just own it!