Live By Night: Film Review

Ever since November 2016, when I first saw the trailer for Live By Night, I knew I had to watch it. To date, I have seen every film in Ben Affleck’s filmography. I clearly need to get a life. Celebrity crush alert. There was several points that made me interested in this film. I’m fascinated by the prohibition era and gangsters. The obligatory spoiler alert warning.

I was going into this film with very high expectations. The core story was well written and acted. A great commendation to all the main and supporting actors and actresses. The background setting in Boston, is expectable when Ben Affleck is directing. Paying homage to the hometown. The entire film wardrobe was well researched for the era. It includes potential difficult subjects from religion to the kl klux klan.

The only thing I don’t like about the film was the ending. In my opinion I feel like the last fifteen minutes of the film was pointless. It didn’t really close off the film well.

But mainly positive review. If you see this, let me know your opinions via social media.


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