A Monster Calls: Film Review.

Today after a long day at work, an 8am start after an epic night out. It also was a rare day off for my mum, from her work, she wanted to watch this film. So I used it as a perfect excuse as a mother daughter film time. As always this will be a small review, doing my best not to post spoilers but here’s a spoiler warning just in case.

The film was a film I didn’t hear much or had an interest in wanting to watch A Monster Calls. Saying that, it was an extremely well made film. The story sequences were beautifully done. The acting was top notch, especially with a newcomer like Lewis Macdougall in such a pivotable leading role. Felicity Jones does such a heart-warming job. I think Liam Neeson was a perfect choice to do the monster’s voice.ย Even the supporting cast did a great job too.

I was not emotionally prepared for this film. I balled my eyes out, the tears just kept on streaming. It’s a powerful and moving story. On the other hand, even though it’s rated as a 12A. In my personal opinion it’s a pretty heavy subject matter, too much for children. Although it has a teachable moment, about taking your mother for granted, showing a new found appreciation for mothers.

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