Why Him?: Film Review

Being a huge James Franco fan, I felt obliged to check out Why Him, as close to when it came out as possible. I also thought the trailer was pretty funny. Watching trailers are usually the basis that I follow when wanting to watch new films. I’ll do my best not to post spoilers. Though this is a warning just incase.

Starting with James Franco, in my opinion not his best work, but to be fair he has done 61 projects this past year (2016). It was passable though, and the best part for any woman who thinks he’s hot is the topless scenes. Bryan Cranston also did a great job, in a passable movie. It was quite hard getting past his Walter White portrayal, but when you do, it’s actually pretty funny. All the supporting actors also did a phenomenal job.

All in all it was an alright movie. It’s classified as a rom-com, which I don’t think it fully fits. They managed to turn it less romantic and more comedy. I wouldn’t pay to watch it though. Although please remember this is just my opinion. If you are into funny movies, you might really enjoy this film. There’s not a lot I could write on this, as I didn’t enjoy the film, it was just a time waster to me.

If you saw Why Him? and totally disagree with my views or agreed, I’d love to know your thoughts via twitter: @RebeccaKLxo


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