New Ink Adventure❤️

For years I’ve been looking to get my sleeve started, and I finally took the leap with a collaborative piece on my forearm. I looked around for artists, and really liked Alex Brown’s portfolio. I had a fairly specific idea, including a skull, dagger and semi colon. I loved the design he draw up, and am so happy with it. From drawing, stencil to finished.

It was a full day sitting, about 7 hours. The only thing that really bothered me, was the white highlighting, but it was like 4/5 hours in. As this was on my right arm, I was limited with my left hand, for social media updates and picture taking. But I did manage a photo.


It was a great day. I’ll be back in the future for more addition on my sleeve. If anyone local to Bristol/Nailsea looking to add some great artwork in ink, then do check out the Mark’d With Ink tattoo studio. I’ll also post the links to Alex’s website and social media. Website: Instagram: Facebook:


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