Passengers: Film Review

I had a chance mainly down to a long day at work, the mix between bad weather and last minute christmas shoppers, to watch Passengers. I’ve been excited for this film since I saw the trailer. I got to watch it in 3D, which was great, it added depth (no pun intended). Though in my opinion, passengers doesn’t need to be watched in 3D. Before I go further into this review, there will be spoilers. So please don’t continue reading if you haven’t seen Passengers yet, but want too.

I will start with the fact, that is is a great film, as a stand alone film, though it’s more of a chick flick, then a sci-fi adventure film. The trailer is cut together in a way that leads individuals to believe the film is a certain way. In my opinion, I thought the trailer was both main protagonists are waken up at the same time for a purpose. In the actual film, this is not the case. Chris Pratt’s character is woken up first, and with his background skills is clear that it’s for a purpose, but unlike the trailer, he selfishly tampers with Jennifer Lawrence’s characters hibernation pod, thus making them both trapped on the Starship Avalon. If you’ve seen the trailer first, then the film, you’ll probably understand what I’m trying to explain.

In terms of their acting ability, it was basically grade A. It was a bit weird seeing Chris Pratt in a serious role. I do love his past career choices, which all have a funny/joke ish trait. He still had some funny sections, but the main overtone of the film is rather serious, and get’s pretty dark at one point. It was put together so well. For the high standard of acting I have from Jennifer Lawrence because she’s excelled in every role, I’ve seen her in. But in this role, especially her anger, was portrayed well, as it came across as very realistic. All round a big round of applause, for all the acting, main and supporting cast.

I felt like the ending to the film, was also very rushed. I feel like they could’ve put just more into the story afterwards, as it left me with a few unanswered questions. Overall I did enjoy the film, and I would happily watch it again! Definitely a must see if you are a fan of Jennifer Lawrence and/or Chris Pratt. If you do see the film, I’d love to here your thoughts and opinions so please tweet them at me, my twitter username is RebeccaKLxo.




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