Snowden: Film Review

I was pulled towards this film, after reading the basic story about Edward Snowden, from online. Knowing more about this story, I am now closely following the outcome. I also never saw the trailer, previously to the film. I’m a fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s work. I saw in an interview that he was warned about the film which could damage his career, due to the intense subject matter.

I saw this film. I enjoyed it. I feel like Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a fantastic job portraying Edward Snowden. I think it adds to being near the top of his best acting work. It was also surprising to see Nicolas Cage as Hank Forrester. There’s all round phenomenal acting.

Even though this is a movie, and it has been dramatized, it’s still true to the real story. This is probably due to Oliver Stone (the director) actually meeting Edward Snowden. The film is a perfect example of the government system’s only care for money and power, and not the citizens they are meant to protect and respect. I’ll certainly think twice before I post something online, email, text or even call.

Many Americans have different views on this Edward Snowden case. Some call him a traitor, other’s a hero, for whistleblowing on the CIA. In my opinion, Edward done the right thing. The CIa breached an amendment by keeping civilian records, essentially treating every innocent citizen as a threat to the American national security. I think a Β prison sentence would be fine, but I’ve seen people say they want him executed. I feel that’s too far. If he hadn’t of came forward, the US government could still of been keeping records up until this date. To take his life over this, is absolutely absurd. I’m all for the death penalty for murderers, if 100% guilty beyond reasonable doubt. But not for a man who had the good intentions for the citizens rights.


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