Why Him?: Film Review

Being a huge James Franco fan, I felt obliged to check out Why Him, as close to when it came out as possible. I also thought the trailer was pretty funny. Watching trailers are usually the basis that I follow when wanting to watch new films. I’ll do my best not to post spoilers. Though this is a warning just incase.

Starting with James Franco, in my opinion not his best work, but to be fair he has done 61 projects this past year (2016). It was passable though, and the best part for any woman who thinks he’s hot is the topless scenes. Bryan Cranston also did a great job, in a passable movie. It was quite hard getting past his Walter White portrayal, but when you do, it’s actually pretty funny. All the supporting actors also did a phenomenal job.

All in all it was an alright movie. It’s classified as a rom-com, which I don’t think it fully fits. They managed to turn it less romantic and more comedy. I wouldn’t pay to watch it though. Although please remember this is just my opinion. If you are into funny movies, you might really enjoy this film. There’s not a lot I could write on this, as I didn’t enjoy the film, it was just a time waster to me.

If you saw Why Him? and totally disagree with my views or agreed, I’d love to know your thoughts via twitter: @RebeccaKLxo



New Ink Adventure❤️

For years I’ve been looking to get my sleeve started, and I finally took the leap with a collaborative piece on my forearm. I looked around for artists, and really liked Alex Brown’s portfolio. I had a fairly specific idea, including a skull, dagger and semi colon. I loved the design he draw up, and am so happy with it. From drawing, stencil to finished.

It was a full day sitting, about 7 hours. The only thing that really bothered me, was the white highlighting, but it was like 4/5 hours in. As this was on my right arm, I was limited with my left hand, for social media updates and picture taking. But I did manage a photo.


It was a great day. I’ll be back in the future for more addition on my sleeve. If anyone local to Bristol/Nailsea looking to add some great artwork in ink, then do check out the Mark’d With Ink tattoo studio. I’ll also post the links to Alex’s website and social media. Website: http://www.alexbrowntattoo.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexbtattooartist/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexbrowntattoo/


Passengers: Film Review

I had a chance mainly down to a long day at work, the mix between bad weather and last minute christmas shoppers, to watch Passengers. I’ve been excited for this film since I saw the trailer. I got to watch it in 3D, which was great, it added depth (no pun intended). Though in my opinion, passengers doesn’t need to be watched in 3D. Before I go further into this review, there will be spoilers. So please don’t continue reading if you haven’t seen Passengers yet, but want too.

I will start with the fact, that is is a great film, as a stand alone film, though it’s more of a chick flick, then a sci-fi adventure film. The trailer is cut together in a way that leads individuals to believe the film is a certain way. In my opinion, I thought the trailer was both main protagonists are waken up at the same time for a purpose. In the actual film, this is not the case. Chris Pratt’s character is woken up first, and with his background skills is clear that it’s for a purpose, but unlike the trailer, he selfishly tampers with Jennifer Lawrence’s characters hibernation pod, thus making them both trapped on the Starship Avalon. If you’ve seen the trailer first, then the film, you’ll probably understand what I’m trying to explain.

In terms of their acting ability, it was basically grade A. It was a bit weird seeing Chris Pratt in a serious role. I do love his past career choices, which all have a funny/joke ish trait. He still had some funny sections, but the main overtone of the film is rather serious, and get’s pretty dark at one point. It was put together so well. For the high standard of acting I have from Jennifer Lawrence because she’s excelled in every role, I’ve seen her in. But in this role, especially her anger, was portrayed well, as it came across as very realistic. All round a big round of applause, for all the acting, main and supporting cast.

I felt like the ending to the film, was also very rushed. I feel like they could’ve put just more into the story afterwards, as it left me with a few unanswered questions. Overall I did enjoy the film, and I would happily watch it again! Definitely a must see if you are a fan of Jennifer Lawrence and/or Chris Pratt. If you do see the film, I’d love to here your thoughts and opinions so please tweet them at me, my twitter username is RebeccaKLxo.




Syren City Live!❤️

On Sunday (18th December) I got the chance to see one of my favourite bands live. It was the best way to end the year! I managed to drag my sister along to her first gig. Although she likes the music she wasn’t keen on it the first time, but she came away with some new favourite bands. Our outfits was also pretty cute. My sister went for a cute crop top, waistcoat, and skinnies. I went for a nautical themed jumper, black shorts, my fave patterned tights and my trusty flatforms. 

The gig venue was at Thekla, which was a first for me! I loved going to their student nights on Thursday, but was a first time I went to see live music. There was three support acts on: Limiter, Axial View and Speaking in Shadows. All of which were amazing! Certainly have a new fan in me! 

Then Syren City was just unbelievably good live! Will definitely be more times in the future. I only managed to get two brief videos, as I was enjoying the memories. 

No true trip to a gig is complete without a visit to their merchandise stand. It’s essentially where my new favourite top is born. 

To many more adventures from gigs in the future! 


Christmas Came Early! 🎄

This year, being the third Christmas spent with my boyfriend. We decided to do Christmas presents a little different this year. I’ve chosen to also not bother wrapping any of the Christmas presents between each other up, in a bid to save on paper rubbish. As every year, Britain wastes about 227,000 miles of wrapping paper in the Christmas period. 

As it originated as an amazon wishlist, I’ve accumulated over the year. My boyfriend thought he’d surprise me, by buying all the reading material on my list.  These included books by my favourite actors, including James Franco and Jesse Eisenberg to name a few. 

Starting with Jesse Eisenberg, the first book is Bream Gives Me Hiccups and other short stories. I’ve seen a few reviews for this book and I knew I needed such talented writer in my library. 

The Spoils is the next. Not quite a story but the entire play published. I was so upset when I missed this being performed in London, so knew I had to buy the book! 

I also got Ron Perlman’s memoir, Easy Street (The Hard Way). I’m a big fan is his work, mostly for his portrayal of Clay Morrow in Sons of Anarchy. 

James Franco seems to be a force to be reckoned with, mainly with his knowledge. So knew when I saw him promote Directing Herbert White, I had to read the artistry of poetry and add it to my library. 

I’ve seen and loved the Palo Alto film, starring Emma Roberts and Nathaniel Wolff, which I loved! So naturally when I found out there was a book. I knew I had to buy it! 

Once I’ve read these books in the coming year, I will post in depth book reviews. But for now, I just wanted to share a snippet of what my boyfriend bought me for Christmas. 


Snowden: Film Review

I was pulled towards this film, after reading the basic story about Edward Snowden, from online. Knowing more about this story, I am now closely following the outcome. I also never saw the trailer, previously to the film. I’m a fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s work. I saw in an interview that he was warned about the film which could damage his career, due to the intense subject matter.

I saw this film. I enjoyed it. I feel like Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a fantastic job portraying Edward Snowden. I think it adds to being near the top of his best acting work. It was also surprising to see Nicolas Cage as Hank Forrester. There’s all round phenomenal acting.

Even though this is a movie, and it has been dramatized, it’s still true to the real story. This is probably due to Oliver Stone (the director) actually meeting Edward Snowden. The film is a perfect example of the government system’s only care for money and power, and not the citizens they are meant to protect and respect. I’ll certainly think twice before I post something online, email, text or even call.

Many Americans have different views on this Edward Snowden case. Some call him a traitor, other’s a hero, for whistleblowing on the CIA. In my opinion, Edward done the right thing. The CIa breached an amendment by keeping civilian records, essentially treating every innocent citizen as a threat to the American national security. I think a  prison sentence would be fine, but I’ve seen people say they want him executed. I feel that’s too far. If he hadn’t of came forward, the US government could still of been keeping records up until this date. To take his life over this, is absolutely absurd. I’m all for the death penalty for murderers, if 100% guilty beyond reasonable doubt. But not for a man who had the good intentions for the citizens rights.


Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them: Film Review

Being a huge Harry Potter fan, and seeing each of those films as soon as they came out in the cinema. I knew I had to see this continuation from the whole Harry Potter universe, JK Rowling has created. To me, she’s a literary talent.

I don’t have one negative word to say about this film. The cast was so well put together. Eddie Redmayne is a superb leading actor along with the supporting cast. I also love Johnny Depp as a villain even in a roughly 3 minute cameo.

In terms of the film, I loved the witty connections to the existing Harry Potter universe. The graphics and film editing were at the top of the film industry’s game. I suppose the bottom line, is that this film is a must see! I highly recommend it.

If you see it, tweet me with your thoughts, I’d love to hear them @RebeccaKLxo