Doctor Strange: Film Review

I finally got a chance to watch Doctor Strange last night. Being a self confessed nerd I had very strong mixed feelings about the film. I love all things comics regardless of publishing company, but because batman is my all time favourite, I’m a bit more of a DC fan. Even though Warner Bros are executing the movies. 

I was also really sceptical about the casting choice. I’m not usually a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, with exception to his villain role in Star Trek. But I thought he worked the character of Dr Stephen Strange well. Especially the passion after the accident, it gives you an insight to how an individual can lose themselves after a trauma. The only thing I didn’t like was he modelled the portrayal of the character too much after Tony Stark in terms of arrogance and ego. Although I think it worked in Benedict’s favour.  

On the other hand I was not a fan of Rachel Mcadams in the film. Being so used to her in romantic comedies made her feel out of place in this action film.

Overall I really enjoyed the film more then I thought I would. I do highly recommend Dr Strange to all moviegoers! Whether your a fan of Marvel or just magical action films.

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