The Accountant: Film Review.

After first seeing the trailer for The Accountant back in September. I said numerous times seeing the trailers before other films, and every time I walked past the film posters, I told my boyfriend that we’re going to watch it when it came out. It annoyed him a lot, but today we got that chance! No spoilers ahead!!!

I must say, I did really enjoy this film. I love Ben Affleck as an actor, he has done some great films; from Good Will Hunting, Chasing Amy to more recently Gone Girl and I thought he did a decent job as Batman. This is a film he can add to his great film resume. It was good to see him play such a challenging and complex character with autism. This of which is close to me, as my younger brother has Autism. I’m not really a fan of Jon Bernthal, probably because of his portrayal of Shane in The Walking Dead. Saying that, his portrayal of the older brother was great. Alongside the rest of the cast and supporting case.

Not going to write about the plot or anything, as it’s just came out! Personally for me, one of Warner Bros’ best films I’ve seen to date. I do really recommend seeing this film when you get the chance too!


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