Ouija: Origin of Evil: Film Review.

Date night clearly calls for a horror film, when you’re in a relationship with myself. Date night usually consists of going into work on my day off, just cause of free parking, to watch a movie. ย This weeks movie was Ouija: Origin of Evil. I saw this trailer once, but as a huge fan of horror films, I knew I had to watch!

I love that the entire film, even though being filmed recently. The crew kept the 1960’s style consistent throughout the film. Not to mention that the story and writing of the story, was done incredibly well. It’s not just another possessed girl story. I won’t give any details or spoilers, you’ll have to watch for yourself. The actors and the actresses also did a phenomenal job!

I do recommend watching this horror film. It’s a really short review so I don’t reveal any spoilers. It’s a horror must see!


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