The Girl on the Train: Film Review

Today I spent well over 5 hours working on my law and english essays for college. So I thought I well deserved a break, to go to the cinema and check out  this film. I saw the trailer to the film, several times, while watching other films, and the trailer really kept me intrigued. I also heard good things from people, who have read the book.

Firstly I must say that Emily Blunt’s acting is the best I have ever seen. It’s the only factor of the film, that personally kept me drawn in. Otherwise, I wasn’t a big fan of it. I thought I’d enjoy the suspense the trailer made it out to be, but I just thought is was so slow, and predictable. And the three different stories got a little confusing.

On the bright side, I am seriously considering investing into the book. I feel like the book would have more information and context in.

Don’t take my word, or let my opinion sway you. If you want to watch the film, go on ahead! You may enjoy it, or love the film. This is only my opinion.


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