Ouija: Origin of Evil: Film Review.

Date night clearly calls for a horror film, when you’re in a relationship with myself. Date night usually consists of going into work on my day off, just cause of free parking, to watch a movie.  This weeks movie was Ouija: Origin of Evil. I saw this trailer once, but as a huge fan of horror films, I knew I had to watch!

I love that the entire film, even though being filmed recently. The crew kept the 1960’s style consistent throughout the film. Not to mention that the story and writing of the story, was done incredibly well. It’s not just another possessed girl story. I won’t give any details or spoilers, you’ll have to watch for yourself. The actors and the actresses also did a phenomenal job!

I do recommend watching this horror film. It’s a really short review so I don’t reveal any spoilers. It’s a horror must see!



Independent Clothing Brands: Lights Alive Apparel.

I’m a girl who is all for supporting independent clothing brands. So I thought why not make my love and support for such brands, into a little mini segment on my blog. For future posts on this subject, clothing companies can contact me via my contact me page.

This first post is on Lights Alive Apparel. They’re an independent american clothing brand, founded in 2012 by Joshua Deornellas and Jonny Amaya. They also have a connection to charity. As of 2016, and part of the Feed Fashion and Hunger campaign, they donate $2 for every sale, to feed a family in need.

I will be doing a post on their clothes in the new year, as it’s coming up to christmas, and parcels can be late or never arrive during that time of the year. I’d rather wait till a safer time of the year!

As a lucky treat for my readers, I am working with the brand, to bring to you a discount code: Rebeccaklxo12 <- enter this at the checkout stage as a promotional code.

Please do check out Lights Alive Apparel’s social media accounts and their store, and if you use my promotional code, tweet me (@RebeccaKLxo) to let me know what goodies I have treated to you!

Lights Alive Apparel Social Media Links.

Twitter: @LtsAlvApparel Instagram: ltsalvapparel Facebook: Lights alive Apparel

Store:  http://www.lightsaliveapparel.com/shop/

Thanks for reading and supporting this amazing brand! ~RebeccaKLxo~

Showing Some MetroStation Love.

As Metrostation tours the US again, why not do a blog post showing my love to the band! I was a huge fan when they started, and was sad when they went on hiatus. I feel they came back way better, than the past! I really wish they did more touring outside the US. It would be a dream come true to see them live.

I love how you can see how much the the music changes, and how they change.

I’m just going to include some of my favourite old and new music videos from the band!

All music is copyrighted to the band, Metro Station.

Those is my favourite songs, from the band, and I’d love to hear what your favourite song by them.  Tweet me them, @RebeccaKLxo


The Girl on the Train: Film Review

Today I spent well over 5 hours working on my law and english essays for college. So I thought I well deserved a break, to go to the cinema and check out  this film. I saw the trailer to the film, several times, while watching other films, and the trailer really kept me intrigued. I also heard good things from people, who have read the book.

Firstly I must say that Emily Blunt’s acting is the best I have ever seen. It’s the only factor of the film, that personally kept me drawn in. Otherwise, I wasn’t a big fan of it. I thought I’d enjoy the suspense the trailer made it out to be, but I just thought is was so slow, and predictable. And the three different stories got a little confusing.

On the bright side, I am seriously considering investing into the book. I feel like the book would have more information and context in.

Don’t take my word, or let my opinion sway you. If you want to watch the film, go on ahead! You may enjoy it, or love the film. This is only my opinion.


You Me at Six Live! 

Last night my friend took me out to watch You Me at Six live at the O2 academy, in Bristol. It was an early birthday present from her to me. 

Though the pictures I took are terrible due to lighting. 

Also got a snippet in a video. 

After the concert, we thought we’d try out luck and see if we can meet them. Committed to waiting for 2 hours, but managed to get a selfie with each one of the band members, and they signed my ticket. 

All in all, an epic night and certainly one to remember! Even with a high five from Max and Josh wished me a happy birthday, for Saturday. Love their new music! 

Check them out, and watch them live if you get the chance! They’re insane live!