To The Moon ~ Shop Launch

Last night, I attended the store launch party for To The Moon in Bristol, with a fellow blogger friend. The store is located just of Old Market, on Midland Road.

I’m going to start with what I wore, to such an event. I decided to keep it simple with monochrome, good old faithful black and white. I paired a three quarter sleeve length, striped, collared top, with my abstract patterned skater skirt, with an elasticated black belt, to give me some waist. We got to the store early, so we sat in their bar, and had a drink. It was a cute bar, I’d go back again. It had a pretty alternative vibe going on, which they decorated with black and white balloons (one of which I had to bring home with me!) So I felt pretty colour matched.

Upon arrival, there was cute cupcakes which I managed to take a picture of, as well as some simple goodie bags brandishing their store logo. The goodie bag consisted of, a pen, a small, compact like mirror, a small bag of sweets (mine was shrimp and bananas) and a cute handwritten, thank you for coming note from the store owner. I was unable to try the cupcakes, as I’m not a fan of cheesecake, or blueberries. Though my friend tried it, and it was nice! To my understanding it’s a vanilla sponge, with cheesecake icing, garnished by a fresh raspberry and three blueberries, topped with a cute logo flag!

ThenΒ we got a look at the store and stock. All the stock is made by local designers, and all using sustainable materials, which I find fascinating. I do love how it’s a cute boutique, full of one of a kind clothing made my local designers. The jewellery was super cute, some of them even being made from bicycle inner tubing and reclaimed wood. All shoes and purses and clothing are hand made.

I also got two extra pictures, of my two favourite dresses they had on show. A black and white, patterned top, skater dress. As well as a detailed top, red skater dress.

Bottom line is I will be going back after payday, to treat myself!

You can see their social media accounts: Twitter: @tothemoonbris Instagram: tothemoonbristol and Facebook: tothemoonbristol

Thanks for reading, if you do go check this store out, tweet me, letting me know what you think! @RebeccaKLxo


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