War Dogs: Film Review

This post will be set out differently to my other film reviews. Because I have to say, that this film is a must see. I’ll try to write with no spoilers, but as per usual, consider this your spoiler warning. I saw the trailer for this film several times, in it’s run up to the release date, and have been pretty excited about it.

Although it has a slightly bizarre set up, with captions, I thoroughly enjoyed the film, and would happily buy the DVD when it comes out. I thought, seeing that it’s the same director that did The Hangover trilogy, that War Dogs would be a comedy.I was mainly wrong, it wasn’t really funny. Don’t get me wrong, there was some laughs here and there, mainly from Jonah Hill’s laugh. It was a pretty serious film.

To me, this film has certainly cemented Jonah’s acting talent, in being able to do both comedy and serious films. Also I feel it’s a great title for Miles Teller to add to his acting resume. They deserve a huge credit and applause for their acting, and they’re portrayal of partner roles. Bradley Cooper’s supporting role, was also great, and some people may even say it was close to outshining the main cast.

I really hope they’ll make a sequel, because I would love to see that.


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