Lights Out: Film Review

Finally got around to watching Lights Out yesterday after I finish work. I was really not disappointed with the film at all. The overall concept to the film, I found intriguing. I will not post any storyline spoilers!

Gabriel Bateman stole the show, with his acting, portraying Martin, the 12 year old son. Teresa Palmer also did a good job! As well as the supporting actors and actresses in the film.  Some of which are no stranger to the horror genre.

The story is no short of jump scares, and horror, starting in the first 3 minutes of the film and being consistent throughout the film. I was also impressed with how realistically the film was able to portray mental illness. I realize that could be seen as pretty controversial, but having my problems with mental illness, I thought it was done well.  It’ll always be a taboo topic.

I hope there’s a sequel! I’d love to see this develop more. You should seriously go watch Lights Out if you get a chance!



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