Nerve: Film Review

I got around to watching Nerve today, after I finished work early. I was drawn to this film for many reasons; I enjoyed the trailer to it, I’m a fan of Dave Franco’s work and I’m intrigued by the concept of the film. I will do my best to not provide any spoilers, but I’m going to include a spoiler warning, just in case.

It’s really well put together in film making, mixing real life scenes, with online interface and phone camera footage.  So a big well done to the director, camera crew and production team. As well as a big nod, to the great acting from Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, especially with some of the dares. Also for any other females out there, who find Dave Franco hot, the department store scene, will be your favourite scene in the film. They also cleverly worked in a romantic plot line.

There is only one point of issue, I personally thought about the film. After a certain point in the film (not giving any spoilers away), I thought they sort of rushed the story towards the end. But it didn’t really ruin my enjoyment. I would watch this film many more times, and would recommend it to you!


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