Now You See Me 2: Film Review

Over the weekend, I had the chance to watch now you see me 2: with my partner at the cinema. Now I saw the first film, which I loved. So naturally I had high hopes for the sequel.  I can’t promise if there’ll be spoilers or not, so you have been warned! I also did make a mistake of reading a review of the  movie, on The Rolling Stones site, which wasn’t a positive one.

Saying that, I actually enjoyed the sequel, despite the negative review.

I always will be a huge fan of Dave Franco and Jesse Eisenberg! If I could be in a movie with them, or separate movies each, I’d die literally! Slightly off topic but I admire how Dave Franco is 31 and can still pass off frat guys in Bad Neighbours. I just love the variety of Jesse Eisenberg’s roles, from indie flicks to Lex Luthor.

Also the magic and card tricks in this film, is just unbelievable! I didn’t think the storyline was predictable, and Woody Harrelson is just the funniest person in the entire film. It was also nice to see Daniel Radcliffe in a villain role!

I can only find one negative about the film. That’s the really shallow attempt at a love storyline.

Other then that, I loved it!!!!!!! Will totally watch it again!


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