EU Referendum 2016

I’m not one for politics, but I do need to get my views off my chest, after seeing some ridiculous posts.

Not one UK citizen is qualified, to turn around and say, my vote was the right one. I’ve seen numerous posts from people insinuating this. Neither vote was right or wrong. Also part of this point, which quite frankly has annoyed me, is the people that did vote remain, are now saying they’re in a country full of racists. That itself shows how small minded people are. Although the main point of the campaign was centred around immigrants, the only thing they affect is the housing system in the UK. That’s not the only reason why someone might vote leave. Maybe they voted leave because they truly felt like it’s time for the UK to be independant, or maybe because they was sick of seeing the UK’s money go to the EU government and paying for EU politicians. Or the biggest point for most working class families is to slow down the privatisation of the NHS.

There’s several other reasons to vote leave, not because they’reย racist.

Looking towards the future, who knows the UK might actually be able to pull off being independent. No one knows for sure exactly what will happen.



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