The Conjuring 2: Review

Saturday night was filled with scares, but good scares. My partner and I made use of my incentive from work, and went to the cinema to watch the Conjuring 2. I’m a huge fan of horror films. Especially with my twisted logic of: if it terrifies me, it’s a decent/really good horror film. The first conjuring film did, and with the same director, I thought the second one would too. This is a short film review.

I was correct! After extensive research (my automatic response to ‘based on true story’ films) The conjuring 2, stayed true to the facts and was beyond realistic. It wasn’t short of jump scares either. I am also now terrified of nuns, thanks to James Wan. You’ll have to watch the film, to understand what I mean. I’m also fascinated by Ed and Lorraine Warren and enjoy all their stories. Especially the Perron Family, and Amityville.

I recommend watching it! Great acting, the set designs are incredible as well as the special effects. I also would say don’t go alone! Take your boyfriends, husbands, friends etc… Trust me!


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