Explanation for being unactive recently…

Hey guys,

I thought I should explain why I’ve been so quiet since my Glasgow post, about 3/4 weeks ago. This will also explain why my blogs to follow post, which is meant to be the 1st of every month, has been postponed further.

Between getting my newer car, trying to sell my older car, to losing my evening cleaning job, to starting an early morning cleaning job, and my first time driving my new car to the early morning job, and parking it, to coming back after work, to find some inconsiderate ass, has hit and damaged the entire passenger side of my car causing £800 worth of damage after only having it for 5 days. Then leaving that job to go to my newer job. It’s been a pretty hectic life as of recently.

I have been beyond annoyed especially with the damage on my new car, which I have to now save up, to repair which could take months! So it’s pretty depressing to look at. As I have to save it up around paying for insurance finance, and fuel etc…

I’ve also started a pretty awesome and super fun job. I’m not allowed to say much about it, or about the company, but I can say that I know work in a cinema which is pretty awesome! I’ve recently completed my second day, and I already love it!

So if your reading up to here, sorry it’s a pretty wordy update and I hope to work on semi regular posts as soon as possible, as well as working on the anticipated blogs to follow post. Also working on an interactive story, will post more details soon!

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Instagram: rebeccaklxo

Facebook: facebook.com/rebeccaklxo

Snapchat: RebeccaKLxo



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