Central Intelligence Review

Yesterday I watched Central Intelligence with my partner. And it is by far the funniest film this year! I’ll try my best not to include spoilers, as it’s a must watch, but just incase spoiler alert.

Even though Kevin Hart is funny, I personally thought most the laughs were from Dwayne Johnson. It has a great back story, and message to do with bullying, and how it can actually affect people. With a great ensemble cast too. Although it’s a shame Aaron Paul can’t live out of Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman. But even still!

If you get a chance to see it, I really do recommend that you do!



Exciting things to come…

I’m super happy to announce that exciting things are coming to this blog. Let’s actually use bullet points for once 😀

  • Get to test and review a new product from CB12.
  • A film review for Central Intelligence will be due around the 29th June.
  • College taster day on the 30th June.
  • On the 3rd July, I’m competing in the Face of North Wales pageant.
  • I’m  judge at the fight for a cause charity pageant, on the 13th August.
  • Arranging a blogger’s cocktail afternoon for the 31st August, to raise money for the United Together Foundation.

Plus weekly film reviews, due to my perk from my new job. My sister is also competing in the Face of North Wales pageant on Sunday. So wish us luck!


EU Referendum 2016

I’m not one for politics, but I do need to get my views off my chest, after seeing some ridiculous posts.

Not one UK citizen is qualified, to turn around and say, my vote was the right one. I’ve seen numerous posts from people insinuating this. Neither vote was right or wrong. Also part of this point, which quite frankly has annoyed me, is the people that did vote remain, are now saying they’re in a country full of racists. That itself shows how small minded people are. Although the main point of the campaign was centred around immigrants, the only thing they affect is the housing system in the UK. That’s not the only reason why someone might vote leave. Maybe they voted leave because they truly felt like it’s time for the UK to be independant, or maybe because they was sick of seeing the UK’s money go to the EU government and paying for EU politicians. Or the biggest point for most working class families is to slow down the privatisation of the NHS.

There’s several other reasons to vote leave, not because they’re racist.

Looking towards the future, who knows the UK might actually be able to pull off being independent. No one knows for sure exactly what will happen.



Bloggers Required: Blogger Outreach.

So today I joined Bloggers Required. It’s like a blogger outreach programme. It’s a place for bloggers to network with agencies, brands etc, and other bloggers. I’ve been a member for less than a day, and I’m enjoying it. It’s nice that us, newer bloggers have these tools and guidance. So this was just an awareness post for Bloggers Required. If you’re an aspiring blogger, I suggest checking this site out! They are also on twitter: @BloggerRequired.

Bloggers Required Logo

The Conjuring 2: Review

Saturday night was filled with scares, but good scares. My partner and I made use of my incentive from work, and went to the cinema to watch the Conjuring 2. I’m a huge fan of horror films. Especially with my twisted logic of: if it terrifies me, it’s a decent/really good horror film. The first conjuring film did, and with the same director, I thought the second one would too. This is a short film review.

I was correct! After extensive research (my automatic response to ‘based on true story’ films) The conjuring 2, stayed true to the facts and was beyond realistic. It wasn’t short of jump scares either. I am also now terrified of nuns, thanks to James Wan. You’ll have to watch the film, to understand what I mean. I’m also fascinated by Ed and Lorraine Warren and enjoy all their stories. Especially the Perron Family, and Amityville.

I recommend watching it! Great acting, the set designs are incredible as well as the special effects. I also would say don’t go alone! Take your boyfriends, husbands, friends etc… Trust me!


Glasgow Fashion Week Needs YOU!

This post is centred for fashion designers. 

I would of included that in the title, but I thought a short and snappy title would be the better option.  Anywho the Glasgow Fashion Week Council are looking for fashion designers, to showcase their work and collections at fashion week.

The week starts 23rd February 2017 to the 26th February 2017, at the Emirates Arena Glasgow. The Glasgow fashion week council have opened applications for fashion designers to showcase their work within one of two categories. Category one is on schedule applications. This includes catwalk, presentation, digital presentation, childrenswear, bridal and menswear. Category two are the exhibition applications, and these include; accessories, footwear and some lifestyle products.

There’ll also be bloggers there, so you’ll have a chance to be featured online etc and gain exposure over various platforms. There’s never been a better place to debut then at fashion week!

If you are reading this and you’re a fashion designer newly out of university, self taught etc… Then we welcome your applications. You are able to apply via this link: http://www.gfashionweek.co.uk/ 

You can also keep up to date on Glasgow fashion week via social media:

Facebook: Glasgow Fashion Week

Instagram: @glasgowfashionweek


Thanks for reading: @RebeccaKLxo

Explanation for being unactive recently…

Hey guys,

I thought I should explain why I’ve been so quiet since my Glasgow post, about 3/4 weeks ago. This will also explain why my blogs to follow post, which is meant to be the 1st of every month, has been postponed further.

Between getting my newer car, trying to sell my older car, to losing my evening cleaning job, to starting an early morning cleaning job, and my first time driving my new car to the early morning job, and parking it, to coming back after work, to find some inconsiderate ass, has hit and damaged the entire passenger side of my car causing £800 worth of damage after only having it for 5 days. Then leaving that job to go to my newer job. It’s been a pretty hectic life as of recently.

I have been beyond annoyed especially with the damage on my new car, which I have to now save up, to repair which could take months! So it’s pretty depressing to look at. As I have to save it up around paying for insurance finance, and fuel etc…

I’ve also started a pretty awesome and super fun job. I’m not allowed to say much about it, or about the company, but I can say that I know work in a cinema which is pretty awesome! I’ve recently completed my second day, and I already love it!

So if your reading up to here, sorry it’s a pretty wordy update and I hope to work on semi regular posts as soon as possible, as well as working on the anticipated blogs to follow post. Also working on an interactive story, will post more details soon!

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