Motorway Thoughts & Essentials…

Being a passenger, while motorway driving is some thought provoking stuff. If you’ve yourself, been a passenger on long motorway drives, then you’ll know how mind numbingly boring the trips are.

Even though the British countryside is beautiful, you can’t help but let your mind wonder.

Thankfully, I always bring essentials on any motorway trips.

My phone is my number one essential. As much as I’m not a huge fan of my HTC phone, it’s a key essential to stay in touch with family, friends and take quick journey snaps.

I also bring my tablet. Or I call it my Blog Tab. It’s a Lenovo Tab A7, and it’s sole purpose is for all blog related work, post planning, and general blog shenanigans.

My last essential is a book. Simple as it is I always bring a book. I don’t have an e books or kindles. I’m an old fashioned girl who would rather hold a book and turn pages, then swipe a finger. My latest book of choice is Binge by Tyler Oakley. Which I would definately recommend!



























































































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